Architecture and spatial planning in Eastern Africa

The extensive population growth, high level of rural to urban migration, and limited state capacity to administer urban growth will likely result in continued proliferation of informal urban development across Eastern Africa. This entails a multitude of challenges as well as an enormous potential for improving the livelihood of millions of urban dwellers. It is my vision to contribute to sustainable development in this field through innovative solutions within spatial planning and architecture.


I am an award-winning architect, urban planner, and researcher specialized in topics related to the ongoing extensive informal urban development in Eastern Africa. My practice-based work within design, architecture, and spatial planning highlights central issues in relation to informal urban development in the region such as urban densification, access to sanitation, and innovation in spatial planning and land use management. My project portfolio includes public school toilets in Madagascar, affordable housing prototypes in Mozambique, and spatial planning of refugee settlements in Uganda.


I provide consultancy services within the fields of architecture and spatial planning in the context of sub-Saharan Africa for organizations working in the development sector and related areas. My expertise with construction and spatial planning spans from the scale of master planning to object design and covers all phases of project development and implementation. Furthermore, I provide services within project monitoring & evaluation, research, dissemination, capacity building, and education related to my fields of expertise. My clients and project partners include CARE, WSUP, Reall, I4ID, and WfW.


My approach to architecture emphasizes context-specific sustainable solutions developed through collaborative processes with local partners. My award-winning architecture projects have been published and exhibited on notable platforms such as The Venice Biennale of Architecture, Louisiana – Museum of Modern Art, and Archdaily.

Spatial Planning

My spatial planning portfolio includes projects on structural readjustment, land titling, and spatial planning of refugee settlements. These projects have been exhibited on platforms such as Institute for (X) and the Royal Danish Academy.

Research & Dissemination

Working in the intersection between research and design practice, dissemination and visual communication is often a central part of my projects. On this basis, I have produced a range of books, films and exhibitions.